About the Reasonable Progressive

H. T. Reynolds
Professor Emeritus
Department of Political Science
University of Delaware

After nearly 35 years of teaching political science, research methods, and applied statistics at the University of Delaware, I retired to Vermont where I contemplate nature and the world of politics.

My site attempts to analyze politics, government, and public policy from a reasonably progressive stance. “Progressive,” of course, suggests  liberal.  But I try to look at issues in an honest, non-dogmatic way and am never adverse to admitting when I’m wrong. In fact, I often prefer discussing politics and social science with those who disagree with me.  The key is a rational discussion free of invective, sweet generalities, sloganeering, and totally unsubstantiated or impossible to substantiate claims. Notice, for example, the site contains many non-rhetorical questions that I hope others will take seriously.

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